Danielle to present The Selector again!

Well it’s been a while..! I have been updating my records of the week on the seperate page..have a look, there’s been SO many good releases over the past year or so. Speaking of which, I’ve been at XFM nearly a year now.. how time FLIES when you’re having fun!!

In other news, I’ve been busy being on judging panels for the BRIT Awards, and the AIM Awards, and I’m very excited to be giving out an award at the inaugral FLY AWARDS on February 6th… I’ll let you know how it goes!

I’m also jumping back in the chair at Folded Wing for one week only to present The Selector for Folded Wing and the British Council. It’s an important and influential beast.. broadcast in over 42 countries around the world, showcasing the huge amounts of musical talent we have here in the UK.

And as always, I’ll be in my second home of XFM Mon-Thurs 7-10pm, and I really look forward to your company..

Cheers, Miss Perry xx