A big thank you, and why radio and music are so important.

Everyone I know has told of the many moments we’ve recently been sat at home, or at our desks seeing the atrocious plight of the refugee situations around the world.
It’s a real shake of reality, of humanism and how we are all one.

I’m really quite lucky to know a lot of people who are ‘doers’. As soon as the news (varying as always) hit home, two friends leapt into action. The powerhouse of Rebecca Vincent and Charlotte Knight wasted no time, compiling lists of supplies needed out in Calais. Here’s their site


and Charlotte featuring in the Independent on Sunday about the project.

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I work in radio, I can’t imagine life without radio and thought it the perfect addition to the fund. One click and you can hear information, voices, companionship….To be able to hear the news, to hear music… we take it for granted. So I gave it a go.

I got in touch with Ethical Superstore with my ideas and they jumped at the chance to help. They sent some incredible radios over – solar powered, with USB chargers and torches built in. I can’t thank them enough – there was no mention of what was in it for them, they just wanted to help. Here’s their site and some of the stock they sent through…


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These have now been delivered to Calais this weekend, and I hope they bring a morsel of light to an awful unimaginable situation.

This is basically just a big thank you to people like Rebecca Vincent and Charlotte Knight; like Ethical Superstore and other companies seeing the bigger picture; to other amazing people I feel lucky to know who have moved mountains to make a difference as well – Lliana Bird, Pete Paphides…just shows what is achievable when we all pull together.

Nice one.