Drowned in Sound

I had that New Year feeling in about July this year. After being lucky enough to have the summer off between jobs, I was ready to get back into being behind a microphone, to pastures new.

I’d met Sean Adams on the judging panel at the AIM Awards over the past 2 years. Sean is a do-er. He’s one of those people that’s insanely switched on and passionate about what he does. His enthusiasm for music has seen his blog Drowned In Sound recently celebrate it’s 15th birthday, and I know, from past experience that to get a good Drowned In Sound review really is quite an honour.

So to say that I’ve now been helping out a little on the new DiS podcast, well.. that’s a bit special too. It’s a joy, and thank you to all who subscribe. On the first podcast we catch up with Metric, who I completely tilt my hat too.. DIY to the CORE, and doing so well with a new album out too. Episode 2 I was let loose with Mr Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai to talk about their new compilation Central Belters amongst a myriad of other things, out October 23rd on Rock Action.

Tell you what, once you get into podcasts, there’s no going back.

Cheers Sean.
Until next time xx

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