Showbiz – Backstage at the O2 with Muse Exclusive

It’s been an age since I went to an arena to watch a show. Normally I prefer a mid size capacity venue, where you can still kind of feel the sweat dripping off the ceiling, see the band, feel part of the show..

But when I got the invite to go and chat to Muse, backstage at the O2 I knew that this was one band I had to bend the rules for. Muse live shows are legendary, their production values extraordinary and their showmanship second to none.

So I went, I watched, I learnt, I asked, I talked, and the 2 hour special documentary of Muse is broadcast for the first time on Thursday 28th April at 9pm, with repeats this Sunday and then again on Bank Holiday Monday at 11pm all as an exclusive for Absolute Radio.

They’re an interesting bunch. Intriguing. Showmen. Shy. Confident. A right mixed bag.

 photo 5353dcee-b7c1-4ac8-9053-96f387d26b2e_zpsikd4deg0.jpg