Drowned in Sound

I had that New Year feeling in about July this year. After being lucky enough to have the summer off between jobs, I was ready to get back into being behind a microphone, to pastures new. I’d met Sean Adams on the judging panel at the AIM Awards over the past 2 years. Sean is […]

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A bit Carrie Bradshaw… Danielle now writing in Q Magazine

At the start of every year, the to do list grows and you (or well, I) always seem to write down, ‘do something new, push yourself’. So I am. From September 2015 I will now be writing a page of Q Magazine each month. I’ve always found expressing myself ok on air, but as soon […]

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A big thank you, and why radio and music are so important.

Everyone I know has told of the many moments we’ve recently been sat at home, or at our desks seeing the atrocious plight of the refugee situations around the world. It’s a real shake of reality, of humanism and how we are all one. I’m really quite lucky to know a lot of people who […]

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